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Thank you to everyone who took a tour of Salt Spring Island’s most innovative green homes, farms and gardens!

The bi-ennial Eco Living and Home Tour is an inspiring self-guided day trip on Salt Spring featuring innovative West Coast homes, off-grid living, tiny homes, permaculture landscapes, and more!

Talk with homeowners and contractors and get practical tools to build, refit or modify your home & garden for a smaller footprint and more ecological community! Join Transition Salt Spring to stay in the loop!



Eco Home Directory

Eco Home Tour: What’s it all about?

Passionate owner-builders. Innovative designs. Lush, locavore landscapes. See all this and more at Transition Salt Spring's biannual eco-living and home tour. This short film is a snapshot into this great event, happening next in July 2019. Join Transition Salt Spring...

Half-moon passive solar perch

Passive solar house and organic farm. Owner design-build. The site The land is a reclaimed old rock quarry and the house is sited in a south-facing bowl overlooking a pond and meadow. An adjacent wetland is protected by conservation covenant. The owner is an...

High style container home

Four repurposed shipping containers provide a compact super-insulated hideaway overlooking the ocean. Heat pump and heat recovery ventilator (HRV). The site The site is ecologically sensitive and has a steep drop off to the ocean. The container home minimized site...

Remodeled oceanfront home from 1920’s

Old house with various additions was completely remodeled in 2012 and now includes ductless heat pump, grid-tied PV system, rainwater catchment, both fenced and unfenced deer-proof permaculture gardens, and Salt Spring’s first Chevy Bolt. History The original house...

Green City Builders: Net-zero in action

New net-zero 600 sq. ft. super-insulated office, showroom and storage space designed for environmental sustainability, low maintenance and low operating costs. Located in Ganges village to reduce travel and related GHG emissions. Designed and built by Green City...

Farm to Cafeteria: an excellent school garden project

Farm to Cafeteria project at Gulf Islands Secondary School. Greenhouse with hydroponics and aquaponics growing systems and Tilapia, rainwater collection, worm composting and composting systems, and garden. Objectives To provide students with advanced culinary skills;...

Sunnyside passive solar house

Owner-built small passive solar home with grid-tied PV system, heat pump, HRV and underground rainwater harvesting tanks for micro-drip garden irrigation. Design A passive solar design from a permaculture magazine and stock floor plan were adapted for this compact...

The Glass Foundry: recycled glass art

The Glass Foundry uses super-efficient furnace design and recycled glass. Philosophy The Glass Foundry is all about recycling, responsible energy use, ecology and art. Owner Mark Laukner has redesigned the traditional glass furnace to eliminate much of the heat loss...

A subtropical hydroponic greenhouse

Unique 6,000 sq. ft. greenhouse with hyperadobe heat storage wall, high efficiency wood gasifier furnace and water storage cistern, experimental anaerobic digester, rainwater harvesting, commercial hydroponic lettuce production and subtropical fruit production....

A Straw Bale Home crafted by hand

Off-grid straw bale home: Andrew & Adina 1350 sq. ft home; water catchment system, greywater systems, passive solar design, solar panels for electricity, solar hot water panels for radiant floor heating. Plus yurt and permaculture gardens. Close to Ganges for easy...




Time: July 30, 2017 from 10am to 4pm

Location: Salt Spring Island – various locations

Event Type: tour

Organized By: Transition Salt Spring Society


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