Climate Action Ideas, Fall Fair Raffle, 2011
53 ideas, collected over two days from the visitors to our booth

Ride a bicycle.

Buy used things from thrift stores.

Do laundry in cold water, not hot.

Increase recycling values to recover more recyclables.

Cycle to school.

Run a daily bus from Ganges to Vancouver on a through ticket as an option for seaplane users and tourists like me who struggle to get to SSI on public transport.

Have transit buses from Crofton and Duncan coordinate with SSI ferries and buses.

When driving, fasten your seat belt before turning on the engine to save gas.

Start teaching climate actions at a young age, i.e. bring it into the classroom and the home.

Grow and support local food.

Collect rainwater, use greywater.

In the yoga studios people write their names on a board and keep track of how many times they go to the studio and practise. This helps to keep people motivated. The same could be done for taking transit, or walking, cycling.

Save seeds from your garden.

Bike lane / pathway up Rainbow Road to the Farmers Institute.

Plan ahead and make fewer car trips by being organized.

Avoid running dishwashers, washing machines, etc. at peak power times.

Lease part of every privately-owned ALR acreage to young farmers who cannot afford to purchase agricultural land.

Use bathwater to water plants—saves electricity (treating and pumping water) and reduces septic system maintenance.


Hold a “holiday” from dependence on everything sourced off-island—power, fuel, imported food—and close a road to vehicles one day a month.

Keep costs for public transit affordable.


A solar panel on every roof.

More bicycle paths.

Have a community oven that cooks the community’s food, rather than having everyone turn on their oven every evening.

Slow down traffic and add three way stops at crosswalks.

Eat locally.

Require cars to have a certain number of passengers to increase carpooling.