About The TSS Plenty Project Permaculture Collective

The Plenty Project began on Salt Spring Island in 2010 as a collective focussed on organizing regular community-building events that practice permaculture, wellness, creativity, and the sacred economy.  It resprouted in 2015 to come together and build the garden at the Wellness Centre in Ganges as well as a few other smaller private projects. Now in 2018 we’ve joined with Transition Salt Spring to recognize and increase the impact of this important permaculture work in the goals of Transition. We refer to ourselves as a “permaculture collective” as we are run by our members who aim to support and inspire us all to be the world we want to see. We know we can accomplish much together and want to practice doing so with a sense of ease and joy as we grow our skills and connection.

Our Mission

The mission of our group is to increase the presence of permaculture in both the physical realm of gardens, food, energy systems and so much more, as well as raise the consiousness and understanding of the permaculture design lens as applicable to most areas of life. We meet when a someone calls for help on a tangible project like garden bed creation, fencing, pantry swapping, or sheep shearing, or when we can offer high level skill building like bio char making, greywater system installation, mushroom cultivation or whatever our members are inspired about.


Membership is an opportunity to give and receive support by sharing time, resources, and skills. Becoming a member indicates your commitment to contribute to the best of your ability in these ways: attend meetings and work-parties, offer your support through facilitation, hosting, sourcing resources, publicity, and any other way you choose to help promote the events and mandate of our collective. As a member you can also draw on the collective inventory of resources in pursuit of value aligned projects, perhaps hosting a project in the future or collaborating in other ways to make our dreams come true.

Gift Economy

Our projects are about skill sharing, learning through doing, and offering whatever is in abundance at the moment. The currency of community is our gold!

In adopting the gift economy we aim to explore alternative forms of exchange beyond money including alternative currency, bartering, and gifting, with the intention of transitioning away from today’s destructive social structures and unsustainable debt-based global monetary system. Our everyday practice of the gift economy will create an environment where everyone’s needs are abundantly met as we emphasize the value of community, invest our time and resources in each other instead of in monetary achievement, and build our collective capacity to fulfill all of our needs.

Our Goals

To encourage collaboration of value aligned groups thus combining efforts and vision in celebratory, creative, resilient, holistic, educational, healing and sustenance based activities. To reduce and eventually eliminate our dependence on unsustainable energy, currency, resources, technology, and social structures by building a peer support network and adopting regenerative alternatives. To build a cultural incubator to nurture new patterns and habits of relating, supporting each other and getting our needs met through low or non-commerce relationships. To live true wealth by making best use of under-valued or wasted resources, showing respect for embodied energy and diverting the need for new materials and transported goods. To cultivate connection, care and cooperation among our local membership, encouraging each other not to settle for less than is our birthright; freedom to express our authentic being and values, and to share our unique gifts. To celebrate together more, sharing meaningful experiences, deepening our connection, witnessing the evolution of our lives.


Upcoming Events listed here:

http://transitionsaltspring.com/news-events/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/plentyproject/